About Me

I work as Technical Project Manager for MNC, I have overall 10 years of IT experience and extensive knowledge in planning, designing, consulting, implementation & management of Active Directory and Windows Server Features.

I am active member of Microsoft Technet Directory Service forum and Experts-Exchange. I would be glad to receive suggestions or feedback for any improvements about my posting through Contact Me page.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. gerwin

    Hello Abhijit,
    I am a Technical engineer working IT security solution in Dubai for the last five years.

    Kindly suggest a sizing for the active directory for the windows 2008 server with currently 90000 users and with atleast changes happening 30 users added,deleted or modified every ONE hour and server is full 24hrs active and have two DC server.kindly find below the specs for the dc servers in the current setup.

    its in VMware environment


    2 * logical processor with 3.00GHz with one core — ONE DOMAIN AND 90,000 USERS


    2 * logical processor with 3.00GHz with one core — ONE DOMAIN AND 90,000 USERS.

    The issue we face here is we have supplied agent based solution for monitoring the changes in the AD

    when we run the check on the AD server the CPU utilization going above 90% which is not acceptable for the client.from the many forum search i found that their resources supplied for the AD is well below the spec suggested by the Microsoft.
    if you could suggest an approximate H/W spec need for the above servers i will be thankful to you.



  2. Sri Harsha

    Thank you Abhijith for the Blog… U r one of the best AD experts I have come across…. Have a bright future in ur new adventure at your native 😉


  3. Kam


    You have fantastic technical knowledge! That, coupled with your excellent documentation, are an incredible use to those that are seeking information on your field of knowledge / expertise.

    Thank you for sharing; it is very much appreciated.


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